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December rains

We had a lot of rain in December. We really needed it. The rain brought the drought level down from exceptional to extreme. Keep in mind that we need to get all our annual rainfall during December through March. Summer rains are negligible here.

These two photos were taken only a month apart. The difference is easy to tell. This is from November 23. It had already rained some, so there's some green grass along the trail in the foreground. Just a month earlier, all the annual grasses were dead. That's normal for that time of year.
Winding Trail

I went hiking again on Christmas Day. There's now green grass all over the hillside and also on the hills in the distance. But you can still see grey tusocks of dead grass in the foreground. Hopefully we'll get more rain. By the time the rainy season is over, the new grass should cover the old grass and be full of wildflowers.
A month later.