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Half Moon Bay

I went to the beach yesterday. It was great. There were a lot of one of my favorite birds, brown pelicans. Here some of them are flying south along the shoreline.
Pelicans flying into the sun.
The weather was decent to begin with but when the sun hid behind the clouds, it got chilly. Then there were more clouds. I was unsurprised, because the weather report had predicted more rain on Monday, ie today. This was the last photo I took in Half Moon Bay.
More rain on the way.
My plan was to go up to Pacifica and have dinner there, before the sun went down. So I left at 4 and drove up the very scenic Highway 1. This was the first time I got to drive through the tunnel that replaced the infamous Devil's Slide section of Hwy 1. Apparently the official name is Tom Lantos Tunnel. It's a noticeably long tunnel.

Here's the ocean, the Pacific Ocean, from Pacifica. The sun is setting.
Seagull in Pacifica.
After dinner in Pacifica, I drove on to San Francisco. And today I went to Alcatraz from there. But that's for another post. The rest of yesterday's photos are on Flickr.


I love pelicans :)