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Mount Madonna Hike Today

I've only been to Mount Madonna once before (scrolling panorama). This time I drove to the main entrance and visited the historic site first. It's the ruins of a summer house built in the nineteenth century. It's supposed to be haunted.

Ruins of Henry Miller, the Cattle King's, summer house.

This wasn't a very satisfying hike. Several trails were closed and the trails I did visit had hardly any open vistas. If I go again, I'll definitely use the other entrance. From the main trail head all trails lead down. Given that what goes down must laboriously hike up again, I prefer when the trailhead is at the bottom of the trail.
Trail on Mt Madonna.

At the end of my hike, I took a few moments to visit the fallow deer enclosure. Apparently the ancestors of this bunch were given to Henry Miller, the ruins of whose summer house you saw above, by William Randolph Hearst, the famous newspaper man.
Fallow deer. If weren't for the sign, I would have thought that they were goats.