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Twitter Etiquette for Repeating Links

If you want to tweet a link to your own, original content more than once, you can do it like this:
1. Make it obvious that this is not a new link, e.g. in the evening you want to make sure that the late risers didn't miss your morning blog post so you tweet: "Linking again to this morning's blog post for my fellow insomniacs..."
2. Add something new. This is even better. Still talking about an 8pm repeat tweet of this morning's blog post "My recovery buddy @Mjausson commented with some neat tips on my blog entry about meditation"

The problem with simply automatically tweeting the same thing twice or more is that some people click on most links in their Twitter stream. When they've clicked on your links a couple of times and realized that they can't tell if the link is to something they haven't seen yet, they unfollow.