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Mjausson.com is Dead, Long Live Mjausson.LiveJournal.com

The domain registration for mjausson.com lapsed and a cyber squatter snatched it up. So mjausson.com is dead. :-(

I tried using Flickr for a while but it doesn't really fit my needs. I'm trying to tell a story. For that to work the reader needs to be able to see the photos on a single page and they need to be big enough that you can tell what they show.

So I've started another LJ instead, mjausson. Feel free to friend me there too.

There are currently 7 hikes there, all from California. The photos are hosted on Flickr and if you click on the photo, you get to the desktop-sized version. As always, feel free to snag these for your own use.


mjausson.org, mjausson.net and mjausson.se all seem to be free, should you want your own site.
Yeah, that was the plan and I've bought .org and .net now. Just need to figure out exactly what to put in the CNAME record fields to forward mjausson.org to livejournal.com.
I just have livejournal.com in mine. There's probably a setting on the LJ end to make it work too, but it's been so long I don't remember...
The setting on the LJ end was the easy part. Figuring out how the provider's CNET form works, is the hard part. It's giving me an error on the alias field. I opened a support ticket.