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Originally uploaded by Mjausson
I went to Henry W. Coe state park for the first time today. It was so incredibly beautiful. There are four photos in the set on Flickr.

I'm hoping that someone may be able to tell me what the hanging moss that I photographed on some oaks. It made me think of Halloween.


It's called Lace lichen; I don't think it's actually a moss. More than that I don't know...
The Spanish Moss of the US Southeast isn't a parasite--parasites require a host for sustenance. Instead, it's an epiphyte, an air plant--I've seen that stuff growing on telephone wires, which wouldn't be great for parasites!

The stuff in California isn't that--I found a bunch of pictures, but I think you saw Ramalina menziesii, a lichen known as "California Spanish Moss".

-- Lorrie
Thank you, I couldn't remember the name, but Ramalina menziesii IS the lace lichen to which I referred. Lace lichen is actually beneficial, rather than a parasite- it serves as a windbreak to conserve moisture in the tree, for one thing.
I have forgotten much since my EBRP docent days!