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Balcony Flowers

I put new flowers in some of my pots on Saturday and then I photographed them yesterday. The pansies in the first photo are new. The bougainvillea and cyclamen aren't.
Pansies, Chianti Mixed

This pot has housed the pelargonium and mandevilla for a couple of months now. They both seem happy, if a little crowded.
Pelargonium and Mandevilla
Desktop, feel free to use.

The pansies are the same kind as in the pansy-only pot above -- Chianti mixed. I got them at the Sloat Garden Centre in San Bruno on Tuesday. The butterfly lavender and pink primroses are from Lowe's.

Working with the lavender was intoxicating. Such a wonderful scent! Even better than normal lavender.
Primroses, pansies and Lavandula stoechas