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Gardening Notes: Doing Well

I sat on the balcony for some leisurely deadheading for a while this morning. Most of my plants are doing very well. The mandevilla and pelargoniums are going gangbusters. The vinca are doing very well too. I love the dark pink colour of the vincas.

The busy lizzies are suffering a bit from the sun on hot days. I've moved the pot further back on the balcony. Hopefully that will take care of it. I also rotate it when I remember. When it gets a little bit cooler, I can probably move it further out again. They don't cover the pot yet but with the mulch of pebbles from Michael's it still looks very nice and tidy.

The one pot that has problems is the corner pot with the shepherds hook that the hummingbird feeder hangs from. The bougainvillea lost all its pretty, pink bracts. The shrub itself seems healthy and has new growth. So I'm guessing it was just transplant shock.

On one of the small-flowered petunias, parts had died back. I removed the wilted parts. It wasn't much, so I think it will do fine. The other small-flowered petunia is doing well. The large-flowered, proper petunia is getting old and leggy. I will have to replace it with something else soon. Too bad because I love the large, velvety deep pink flowers. Not sure what to replace it with. It's probably too early for winter flowers like sweet peas or pansies. This pot also needs more mulch.


I usually just cut the petunias' branches back in rotation, so that each plant has some sheared and some blooming branches; this keeps the legginess away all season, and the new growth is marvelous. Give it a try, they'll last all season.