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Star Wars Hummingbird Fights II

Kieron and I revisited the conversation about Star Wars hummingbirds today. He said he had more been thinking about the weapons that they have on fighters and shuttles, so missile weapons for use in atmosphere or outside.

He was making these pew-pew-pew noises, so I think he was mostly thinking about in-atmosphere vessels. Although I would think that even in space, weapons systems would give auditory feedback if none is created by normal means. Just like my digital non-SLR camera has a sampled shutter sound. On that one you can turn it off.

On high-end space weapon systems, I would think that not only can you turn off the auditory feedback. You could also choose which Old Earth weapon sample to use. Probably the sound effect would be different depending on which direction you fire to take into account doppler effects etc. And of course there should be a satisfying boom whenever you actually hit something. At least if you're still within tracking range, even if it's a couple of hours or days after launch.

This is all based on consensus human ergonomics. If it doesn't exist today, it will when we get to that point.

OK, enough geeking for now. :-)