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GTD for Mac and Touch

OmniFocus $80 + $20
Pricy but seems very robust. Need to run WebDAV on my Mac or use MobileMe. There are instructions for WebDAV. MobileMe is expensive crap. Very positive reviews from GTD devotees.

Easy Task Manager $20 + Free
Simple and structured. One to try. Syncs via the company's web server. Quite buggy, according to the iTunes reviews. Also the interfaces on the Mac and Touch are very different and it's too hard to capture tasks.

Next Action, Personal Edition Free
Demo was buggy.

Ta Da List requires active web connection.
Tracks needs to run on a web server.
EverNote seems to be more of a note taking service.

iDB Datamaster is a native iPhone application. It runs a web server on the iPhone, so you can browse the data on the phone/PDA. It's a database application with 7 templates, including a to-do template. There can be multiple to-do lists but for it to work with GTD, the user needs to be able to see all to-dos in a given context and/or project. I'm not spending $13 dollar to find out if the app has that ability.


From a security standpoint, I'd be very leery of running a web server on a mobile device.

--okay, more than "leery", more like "freaks me out a little". Everything on the iPhone runs with root/admin privileges, and is by definition on a network. Yikes!

-- Lorrie