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Muir Woods in March

This photos are from ciaran01's and my hike in Muir Woods in mid-March.

The way this plant grows reminds me rather a lot of a Solomon's Seal, Polygonatum biflorum, but the flowers have the wrong shape. Anybody here know what it is?
Not Solomon's Seal
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This was the first time that I've seen trilliums in the wild. I can definitely see the fascination people have with them. Here is a white flower of Trillium ovatum. Apparently they turn purple as they age.
White Trillium
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Here is one with red petals. Wikipedia informs me that it's probably a maroon form of T. ovatum rather than a separate species.
Red Trillium
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The first part of our hike was on a boardwalk among the giant redwoods. There were lots of people around even though this was a weekday. I had to wait for a while and quickly take the opportunity when the boardwalk was empty. Redwoods really have that red bark. Very odd.

I tried taking photos of the redwoods but there really is no way of doing them justice without more time and equipment. They're just too darned big and the forests they create are too dark. I think I'll stick with oaks for now.
Boardwalk among redwoods
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The last three photos are all of wildflowers I found during the hike. The first one has lovely, piercingly blue flowers. It's a Western hound's tongue, Cynoglossum grande. The leaves are rough and hairy, like a tongue, particularly when they're new. If you're into botany, this will make you think "Hm, blue flowers with five petals and different-coloured bumps in the middle plus hairy leaves. I think I have a Boraginaceae on my hands." You'd be right too.
Blue flowers
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An iris growing in a sunny spot by the side of the trail. I have no idea what kind it could be. Perhaps somebody here knows? The pencil marks on the parchment-coloured petals are wonderful, regardless.
Cream-coloured iris
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Finally, a much more colourful customer, the Indian Warrior, Pedicularis densiflora. You really can't miss it. I love its flamboyant colour. Secretly, when you're not looking, I think it dances the flamenco.
Red, red, red Indian warrior
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The Solomon's seal is false Solomon's seal, the iris is a white Douglas iris. Most are purple, white happens in Marin County and sometimes elsewhere. It might also be a Marin iris, which is a hybrid form.


The douglas iris is one of my all time favorite flowers. :)

Edited at 2008-07-17 05:44 am (UTC)
Are you sure about the false Solomon's Seal? All the photos I'm finding the flowers look different. They're upright and a bit like astilbe-flowers in a bunch together.

The iris seems to be a Marin iris from the descriptions you link to. It was solitary and pale yellow, growing in dappled shade.
No, I'm not sure, I glanced at the leaves. :) I'll look more closely.
How about Disporum smithii? (largeflower fairybells, or smith's fairybells?) I've never encountered those.
Yeah, that's the one. They were pretty. Probably good for a shade garden.