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Gardening: Planting my Container Garden

I got four large galvanised steel planters at Ikea. Today I drilled holes in the bottom and filled each of them with half a bag of red lava rock and potting soil to just below the rim. I've also watered them.

The plants I bought at Annie's Annuals in Richmond are soaking in the bath tub while I decide how to plant them. The colour scheme is pale yellow combined with hot pink and dark purple.

These are the plants I've got: Now to decide how to combine them. Obviously I want the three specimen plants in separate pots. That leaves me with one pot with no centerpiece. That's OK. I'll go for a sort of meadow effect in that container.

Next I don't want flowers of the same colour combined. So, e.g. the yellow hollyhock will not share a pot with the scabious, because they're yellow too. I'm going for contrast.

This is what I've come up with. Feedback welcome.

Pot A
1 Alcea rugosa, yellow
3 Salpiglossis, purple

Pot B
1 Lobelia speciosa, purple
2 Viola 'Etain', yellow

Pot C
1 Ipomoea tricolor, pink
3 Fragaria vesca 'White Delight'
3 Fragaria vesca 'Golden Alexandria'

Pot D
3 Dianthus gratianopolitanus, pink
3 Scabiosa ochroleuca, yellow

Alas, it's now dark so the actual planting will have to wait until tomorrow.


Aaargh, the Annie's site appears to be down (or at least irritatingly slow) at the moment, but I'm sure they're gorgeous plants! I'm jealous: I still have never been to Annie's. What have I been doing with my life?
I don't know, it's only an hour's drive from you and they have lots of interesting plants. They're not very expensive either. My loot ended up costing just under $100, if I remember right.
OOh, sounds dreamy! I'm jealous... you'll have a wonderful color display that should keep going all summer. SJ has the best weather of anyplace I've EVER lived: just keep things watered and watch them take off! The violas, lobelias, and viola will probably last until mid-June. Some of the others may keep going until early November (my bet is on the Scabiosa for the longest-lived.)
Only the pinks and the viola are flowering now.