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Scenic Drive from Carmel to Monterey

When we left Carmel the sun was out. This was at one of the first stops, Pescadero Point. "Pescadero" means fisherman in Spanish, so it's perhaps not surprising that there are lots of places called Pescadero-something-or-other along the coast.
Pacific in sun
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This is at the same stop. Cormorants were sitting on the cliffs, resting before plunging into the icy waters again.
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This is near the Lone Cypress. I just love the turquoise and teal shades in the water.
Water and rocks
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Obligatory shot of the Lone Cypress. Here you can see that it's not particularly lonesome.
The Lone Cypress from a distance
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And another. There are lots of pretty Monterey cypresses, Cupressus macrocarpa, along the coast. They're photogenic as a species and the setting is so spectacular, it's hard to fail when photographing them.
Lone Cypress again
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I took lots of photos of sea otters and other wildlife but none of them came out. Mostly the sea otters are just a little brown speck, slightly larger than the surrounding specks of kelp tops. But this squirrel near Bird Rock cooperated so I could get a nice clean shot of it. Thank you, Mr. Squirrel.
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your pictures of California are so gorgeous and inspired!
Thank you, istar.
I will be just a bit sad... This is where I was born. My father was stationed at the army base there which is now disbanded and part of the Monterey Peninsula College. I lived in Marina, which has one exit on 101. I love that area so very much. Thanks for your photos of the area. I am so glad you get down there. Carmel is such a lovely town, and so picturesque.
I'm glad the photos speak to you. Yeah, Carmel is charming.
I really like the 2nd last and 3rd last ones very much.
Thanks for telling me, velvetink.


Wow! Once more you strike me dumb with your eye for beauty. Do you have a website somewhere with a photo gallery to which I could post a link on the Westria website?

Re: photos

I have LJ. :-) Seriously, the photo posts are all tagged with the relevant county. So the link http://apel.livejournal.com/tag/monterey will take you to all photo posts taken in Monterey county, http://apel.livejournal.com/tag/contra+costa will give you all photo posts from Contra Costa County etc.

BTW, could you make sure to use my online name, Apel Mjausson, in the photo credits on the Westria site? I think I asked for that when I responded to Lorrie's request but I guess it got lost in the shuffle. If it's a lot of work, I can do it myself if you give me access.
Wonderful, clear images of the ever-changing light on the water. It's a good thing for Monterey that there aren't more jobs down there, or else we'd all abandon our current abodes and overwhelm that lovely peninsula.
Thank you. Yeah, I wouldn't mind living down there one bit!