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Badger Revisited

I described the sequence of events of my badger encounter in an earlier entry. The non-badger photos I posted in various communities. To recap, this was 20 September of last year in Northend, in the Chilterns. It had rained but the sun came out later in the day.

The first photo I took, when I realised that there was something special further along the lane. The autumnal afternoon light was lovely.
Badger in the distance
Wallpaper, feel free to use

The badger was sniffing along the ground but I couldn't tell why.
Badger, with head visible
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Clearly there was something very interesting there. Every now and then the badger stopped and ate something very noisily. It made a sharp, crunching noise.
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It was the loud crunching noises that kept the badger from noticing me and my ringing mobile phone. Afterwards I discovered what the badger had been feasting on -- hazelnuts. No wonder it was noisy. The ground was full of little bits of shell.
Badger with his mouth open
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This is as close as I got.
Closer shot of badger
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I haven't seen a badger in the wild in so many years. Are they still abundant in the UK?
These shots are marvelous!