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4.7 Earthquake in the UK

The BBC reports that an earthquake with its epicentre in North Lincolnshire, south of Kingston-upon-Hull, was felt at about 1 am local time.

Update: Readers share their experience.


Now they're saying it was 5.3 on the Richter scale.

Yeah, there are lots of those old buildings with load-bearing brick walls. The article only says that they don't know if there has been any damage. I guess it will become clearer tomorrow. It's the middle of the night there now.

Mostly it will have been broken windows and cracked foundations, I'd think. Luckily the north of England where the epicentre was is not nearly as densely populated as the south.
Actually, brick tends to survive better than most, and the older buildings are built with something like 500% safetly margins.. net result, apart from a few chimney pots off and a couple of collapsed stacks [which ma have been lose anyway] no reports of any damage.

By the way, this area of the country is actually fairly well populated.
I haven't watched the news for about a week, I don't think I've heard of an earthquake in the UK, it's unusual isn't it?