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Berkeley Afternoon

This afternoon I went up to the Gourmet Ghetto in Berkeley for lunch. I chose Saul's Russian deli. It's a great place. Love their food and the ambiance. They have lots of veggie stuff too on their menu so I could take ciaran01 there. Their potato latkes are wonderful.

I also spent quite a lot of time at the Elephant Pharmacy. Thanks for the tip, sweet_pickles. I got some dried kava and other stuff.

Then I drove over to Telegraph. Parking there is hopeless. I got tired of going round in circles and parked in a place that charged $10. Outrageous. Tips on where to park in the area near the university, convenient to Moe's etc, would be gratefully accepted. I don't mind walking a couple of blocks, I do mind having to hunt for parking and I hardly ever have quarters.

While there was still some light, I strolled a bit on campus. Naturally I wanted to take a photo of the Campanile. It is famous, after all.

Campanile on University of California, Berkeley Campus
Wallpaper, feel free to use

Just to show that this campus is no different from other American campuses, I also took a photo of a squirrel. It wasn't afraid of me at all.
Squirrel on campus
Wallpaper, feel free to use

Then I walked along Telegraph to soak up the atmosphere and maybe buy something. There was only one street vendor. Maybe there are more on the weekends. I had wanted to check out their bumper stickers. Having a silver sedan ain't easy. On the other hand, I forgot to mention that in San Jose there was a very cute Japanese shop. There I bought a plush Totoro. So now I've got a little grey fellow looking out the rightside, rear window.

To return to Telegraph, there was a street musician who played a strange, stringed and amplified instrument. He used long metal picks on most of his fingers. It sounded eerie but quite beautiful. I was almost tempted to buy one of his CDs. But I still have lots of CDs from my boxes that I haven't unpacked and ripped yet, so I shouldn't buy any more music for a while now.

I found an ethnic boutique I quite liked and bought a scarf there. Then I went over to the herbalist shop with the funny name, Lhasa Karnak, and got a tincture.

On my way home I discovered that I don't have Ancient Ways stored as a favourite on my GPS, so I didn't make it there. Maybe on Sunday, on my way to dpaxson. Maybe they'll have bumper stickers.


Parking is dreadful in Sydney also - but $10 is not too bad you can pay up to $25 per four hours in the city here. I like the first image a lot.
Parking is entirely relative to where you are. I've been to places where people got upset about having to pay £0.50. In SF $15 is not unusual.