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Shopping for Clothes and Shoes

Yesterday when I got down to the car, I saw the clouds rolling in over the hills. It looked to be raining in places. So I decided to go to Santana Row for shopping instead of hiking.

Santana Row turned out to be quite nice. It reminded me of an idealised version of a French city. The first thing I did was go to Borders and buy myself a book. I got a science-fiction hard-boiled-mystery cross-over with a robot as the first-person narrator. The title is The Automatic Detective by A. Lee Martinez. An enjoyable read, so far. Then I sat down in the sun outside Pasta Pomodoro and had an overly-salty meal.

After lunch I started shopping in earnest. I found a pair of jeans I liked at Chico's. The Ecco store was disappointing. They had mostly golf shoes for some reason. But the Walking Company had nice Ecco shoes, so I bought a pair of brown ones. I tried on a pair of Earth shoes and really liked them but they only had them in black. Next time I buy shoes, I'm going to seriously look at some Earth shoes.

I also found some nice, long-sleeved t-shirts at Orvis and a cast-iron teapot at Sur la Table. The teapot is enamelled in black inside. It's from Bodum.

Today I decided to see if I could get some Vicco toothpaste but none of the addresses I had got in aroundfremont worked out. But since I was in the area anyway, I decided to drop into the Great Mall in Milpitas. That was mostly a waste of time, it turned out. I did find some nice sweaters at Izod and at a great price for the quality too. And there was an American Eagle shop, the first I've seen in the Bay Area. ciaran01 liked American Eagle and will likely want to go there when he comes to visit.

But I didn't find any brown trousers that looked good and fit me. I'd like a brown-khaki jeans-style pair of trousers with low rise in size 10 with short legs, thank you very much. I'm thinking I'll see if I can find any online. What I wonder is: what's up with all the tall rise trousers in the stores here? In the UK only M&S still sell tall rise trousers. Because I've got most of my fat on my stomach, they make me look a lot fatter than low-rise trousers.


Have you been to elephant pharmacy yet? I don't know if they would have your toothpaste, but it might be worth a call. Even if they don't have it, I bet you would like the place. It is not your average drug store.
Wow, it looks really nice. And they've got a tea tasting today at 3. Definitely got to go to that one. Thanks for the tip. I hadn't heard of them.
Come to Canada. There is not a single pair of even medium rise jeans in the whole country. Its low rise, or nothing at all. And I'm thinking nothing at all would be more flattering than "Hey, why don't we just push all of this belly flub up to your waist where it can bulge out like a muffin top?" I am the body shape that needs old man pants - the kind that hook onto your bra would be nice. Lol.