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light, december

Wednesday Morning

Yesterday was a day for chores. I had really been planning those for Monday but I didn't do a whole lot on Monday. So I laundered and shopped. The washing machine in the hotel isn't any better than it was before. Anything white or light still looks as if it was dipped in a light greying dye. :-( I hope that comes out eventually.

I spent the evening watching TV. ciaran01 doesn't have a TV, so I kind of got out of the habit while staying with him. It was nice to watch NCIS and other favourite cop shows. Mark Harmon is still very cute. :-)

Today I was planning on going shopping for more clothes but the weather is actually nice so I think I'll go hiking instead. The next band of rain is coming tomorrow and will stay until Monday, so this is my chance. I can shop for clothes tomorrow. Once I have enough clothes, I could switch to service washes. It's more expensive than washing at the hotel but if the clothes actually get clean, it's worth it.

Tonight is the lunar eclipse. It would be cool to be able to see it. Then I've got a meeting in Los Altos. That's important.

Just finished an Amazon order I've been polishing for months. It ate up most of the gift card ciaran01 gave me for Yule but it's all useful things, like a Brita pitcher, San Francisco guide books and stuff.

With the free one-month trial of Amazon prime I saved about $50 in shipping. That's quite a lot. If I continue after the first month Amazon Prime costs $79. That means that I would need to save another $30 in shipping during the next 12 months for it to be worthwhile. I used to shop loads at Amazon.co.uk but I'm not sure I'll do the same here. Back in the UK, shopping in RL was hard. Here it's sometimes a bit too easy. The stores here actually have stuff and getting to them isn't an ordeal. I'm within strolling distance of Borders and Target right now, for instance.


I'm not fond of shopping either but it's not too bad on weekdays. Gets me out of the house. When I was living in the UK and working, I had everything delivered, even the groceries. I want to get away from it all on Saturdays, not fight over parking, wrestle with shopping carts etc.