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Half Moon Bay

I looked around a bit in the town of Half Moon Bay before going to the beach. This is apparently the jail. Or, more likely, was. I doubt they use it anymore. As jails go, it's the cutest one I've ever seen. The next door over there was a very pretty church with blue a ogee arch door frame.
Small Town Jail

Outside the Half Moon Bay Review, the local newspaper, I found a pot with all-purple Mexican sage, Salvia leucantha. Definitely one to remember for when I get a balcony.
Salvia leucantha cult.

Once on the beach, I marvelled at the soft cliffs. There is a creek somewhere inside that deep cavern. The cliffs are basically just sand. That means that at this time of year, there are lots and lots of slides. In some places you could tell that part of the cliff had recently fallen down. The way mangled railings on a mountain road are a warning not to speed, the fallen bits of cliff were a warning not to get too close. I heeded it.

These medium-sized shore birds were hanging out near the water's edge. Anybody know what they are? I'm pretty sure they're not snowy plovers because they're smaller.
Unknown, Larger Shore Birds

The weather kept changing during the day. First it was partly cloudy, then it clouded over and even sprinkled a bit. Later on it cleared up completely. These mackerel skies are from around four in the afternoon when the cloud cover was breaking up.

This creek was as far as I got on my walk along the beach. It took me about an hour to get there with a lot of stops for photographing. I forgot to stretch when I got back to the car but surprisingly I'm not sore today. Walking on the sand was definitely a work-out. I could feel my glutes afterwards.
Mackerel Skies

There was still some light, so after a brief stop at a Chevron filling station, I drove to Point Montara. The draw was the lighthouse I showed yesterday. It turned out to be pretty small but the view was fantastic. This is looking north, toward Devil's Slide.
Cliffs by Point Montara

A classic California sunset. There's a closer view, as well.
Sunset I


Beautiful work... do you mind if I add you to my friends list?
Thank you. And I don't mind at all. The more the merrier. :-)
Thanks. I could see why you don't go in that direction so much, though. Lots of people on the beach and I doubt the locals shop on the Main Street. It was all just gift shops.
Lovely. It still feels weird to see you posting pictures from around here!
I'm not used to it either. I've spent today inside so my expectation is that tomorrow when I wake up there will be a Pink Border and rain outside my window... One day I'll get it. :-)