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Microsoft's Takeover of Yahoo

So Microsoft is making an offer to Yahoo that is bordering on the hostile after previous overtures were rejected. Valleywag has all the coverage.

The most interesting article is the live blogging of a conference call with Steve Ballmer and other Microsoft top execs. Valleywags commentary is suitably snarky.

Steve Ballmer's formal offer letter to the Yahoo board is also interesting. Here's a quote:

"Depending on the nature of your response, Microsoft reserves the right to pursue all necessary steps to ensure that Yahoo!'s shareholders are provided with the opportunity to realize the value inherent in our proposal."

In other words, if you don't accept, your shareholders will crucify you. That message is repeated in a number of ways throughout the letter. Considering that Yahoo shares are at $19, it's probably true too.

Valleywag also have a poll about if Yahoo should take the offer or not.