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More from Garin Regional Park

Garin was a new acquaintance to me but I will be sure to come back. It's very easy to get to and the scenery is lovely, without requiring as much energy as e.g. Pleasanton Ridge. This time I only walked a little bit along the western side of the Peak Loop Trail. I'd imagine that it would be fairly easy to get away from the traffic hum if I continued further into the hills. As you can see, it was beautifully lush and green. Not to mention photogenic.

The post on the left is a trail marker. The trail was a bit muddy.
Green hills
Wallpaper, feel free to use

To me this looks like something out of Zorro. I can just imagine Zorro galloping out from behind the olive trees, full tilt after some baddies.
Two olive trees
Wallpaper, feel free to use

The park is right by Hayward and Union City. This is looking west toward the Bay. The range of hills on this side of the Bay is Coyote Hills RP. On the other side of the Bay, you can see the Peninsula with its spine of hills. On the other side of those hills, you've got the Pacific.
Coyote Hills and the Bay
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This is looking south, toward Mission Peak in Fremont. On the large version you can make out the antennae on top of the peak. There's snow on some summits further inland, on the left. The olives at the bottom of the photo are the same as earlier, just from the other side. I love the rolling green shades of the hills here.
Looking south, toward Mission Peak
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A lone live oak is soaking up the last rays of the sun of this cold day.
Live oak
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Oh, we're so full of beauty. :) I recommend Sunol Regional Wilderness, especially at this time of year.

When my knees are a bit better, perhaps the dogs and I can join you.
Also: http://baynature.org/
I wonder if they would like to use any of your photos.
Sunol is one of my favourite places on earth. Don't like the cattle though. For some reason there more aggressive there than in other places.

I'd welcome some company.