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Cornwall: Portscatho

Portscatho is a cute little fishing village not far from St. Mawes and St. Anthony.

Here is the harbour. The tide was out so quite a lot of seaweed was visible on the exposed sand.
Portscatho harbour
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We walked a short bit along the coastal path in the direction of St. Anthony. The sun was trying to break through the cloud cover.
Coastal path to St. Anthony
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Along the path we found these pretty little white bulbs.
Allium triquetrum
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Returning, we were treated to a rare view of the village and harbour in the sun. It had a very clean-scrubbed appearance without the gloom we had been getting used to.
Portscatho in the sun
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Even though the sun was out, it still didn't look very summery. This is toward Pednvadan and Nare Head.
Buoys in the open water
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The same photo just a little later shows that the sun had already moved on. Now Nare Head in the distance is lit up but not Pednvadan, the closer point. It was nice while it lasted.
Without buoys
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