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Health: Groin Strain

Part of why today was so hard is that my groin strain is really acting up. This is an injury I got maybe 6 months ago. It's been coming and going but right now it's at its worst. It hurts to walk and driving is hard too. It's one of the muscles on the front and inside of the thigh that's inflamed.

The consensus regarding treatment seems to be to use heat on it and not do stuff that hurts. So that's what I'm trying to do. It's just very hard. Strangely enough hiking doesn't hurt it but walking on hard surfaces, including hotel room carpet, does. Concrete is worst, though.

Walking slowly and taking very small steps helps. Anybody who knows me in RL is going to appreciate how hard that is for me. Maybe I need to learn to slow down, to do what my body tells me and not my head. :-/

At least there's nothing I need to do outside tomorrow. I'll try and stay inside most of the day, if I can.