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First and Last

I went up to Berkeley today. It was partly cloudy and very cold. I was wishing for my gloves. My goal was Tilden Botanical Garden. It's a Botanical Garden with only native California flowers. It was a very cool experience, not the least because I got to watch an Anna's hummingbird take a bath in a creek.

Before I go to bed, two photos from the drive there and back again. I took the scenic route, via Skyline Boulevard on top of the Oakland/Berkeley hills. This was the very first photo I took, at the south end of Skyline Boulevard. As you can see, it was cloudy where I was in south Oakland but sunny in the City. The trees that flank the view are eucalyptus. On the large version you can easily make out the Bay Bridge and Transamerica Pyramid. One of the Golden Gate towers is also visible on the right.
San Francisco from Skyline Boulevard, Oakland
Wallpaper, feel free to use

The other photo is from later in the day, about an hour before sunset. It's taken on Grizzly Peak Boulevard, much further north than the previous shot. The bridge is the Bay Bridge, connecting Oakland and San Francisco. There are three bridges across the bay: from north to south they're the Bay Bridge, the San Mateo Bridge and the Dumbarton Bridge. They're all east-west oriented. The Golden Gate Bridge spans the entrance to the bay from the Pacific. Hence it's oriented north-south. The Bay and its bridges play an important role in the lives of people who live here, not the least for transport reasons.
Oakland, San Francisco and the Bay Bridge
Wallpaper, feel free to use


I love the light in the 2nd image.
Thank you.
I've been over the Dumbarton more than a few times. One silly afternoon, my friend and I decided to zig-zag our way across all the bridges- starting with the Golden Gate (heading north), winding through Sausalito to get to the Bay Bridge, (heading west), San Mateo (heading east) and finally the Dumbarton- and we'd blown an entire day and a tank of gas. What can I say- I was 22. (I did the same thing in Europe, taking a weekend 'tunnel tour' of the Swiss Alps. Tunnels look alike.) And I've zig-zagged over the five street bridges across the Arkansas River (I-430, Broadway, Main Street, I-30, I-440) in Little Rock, too. Yeah, I'm silly.

You should go up to the Mt. Hamilton Observatory sometime. The Bay Area is laid out in all its glory to the north. And if you want to get to the coast, taking 17 to Santa Cruz is a decent route. Just watch out for the intersection getting off Hwy 1 back onto Hwy 17: that's the infamous 'people-eater' curve- a tear-drop shaped ramp that says "15 Mph" and means it.

Go visit the Santa Cruz Beach boardwalk- it's really cool. So is the wharf. The movie "The Lost Boys" was filmed there. And my dad's girlfriend lives out there, although she's moving to Palm Springs.
Hm! But that wasn't all--there are not fewer than eight bridges that cross the San Francisco Bay: you missed the Carquinez, Martinez, Antioch, and Richmond-San Rafael.

For your next excursion. ;)

-- Lorrie
There was one bridge I didn't have a name for- probably that Richmond one. And it was 25 years ago, too- so it's very possible that I missed a bridge or three!

When I was back in '04, I noted that the 'freeway to nowhwere' on 101 south of San Jose was going somewhere.

Oh! The Road to Nowhere was probably Highway 85.

-- Lorrie
The road to Lick Observatory is one of the handful in the state that can make me intensely car sick -- but it's worth the trip.

Part of Harold and Maude was filmed at the Dumbarton Toll Plaza. :) (And all of it was filmed in the bay area, including some at the Boardwalk.)
Good camera work! That light can be tricky - it's tough to get good shots looking west in the afternoon. Thanks!
Why we love living in the Bay Area....
Yep. :-)