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I'm Here

I'm too tired to really take it in but writing it still makes me happy.


welcome home!!!
Thank you istar. Are you having unusually cold weather in Portland too?
Glad you're here too!
Jet laaaaaaag!

See you when you wake up and get your head back!

It wasn't until today that I felt normal when I woke up.
Welcome! (from the other side of the country, but still)
Thank you. Is your icon Vorkosigan-related?
Yes, it's from A Civil Campaign. I got it from the lmbujold community.
Welcome home!! I think we'll manage a little sunshine for you today, too!
Thank you. The forecast for the next week looks pretty depressing, though. Lots of rain. I think I need to buy an umbrella.
I'm glad you're happy over there! :^)
Thanks Mae!