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Cotswold Roadtrip

Kieron and I chose to spend our last afternoon together driving through the Cotswolds. It was the first sunny day in months and as we were driving out of Cheltenham, we noticed flecks of snow! The higher we came, the more snow there was. There was a storm yesterday and the news had indeed been talking about snow. But they often talk about snow. Most of the time, nothing comes of it. This time there was quite a lot. In many places there was enough for a plastic toboggan but we didn't see any children out enjoying the snow at all. Puzzling.

We took the A40 westwards out of town and turned north on the A436, sign-posted for Stow and Bourton. Then we took the B4068 via the Naunton Downs, Naunton Village, a detour around Upper Slaughter, then Lower Swell and Stowe. We knew that Naunton is very picturesque because we've been there before. Upper Slaughter has a reputation as a honey pot village. In Stowe things were very busy. It's such a pretty little town with lots of intriguing little shops. We tried to find parking but couldn't so we drove on.

After some fiddly navigation we were on the A424, past the scene of a battle in 1646, and then turned off to drive through Longborough. No prize for guessing that there is a long barrow near the village. It's cute too. Then we took the smaller road north past Bourton-on-the-Hill.

Along the B4479 we drove through the large, prosperous village of Blockley. Then past Hangman's Hall Farm to the absolutely adorable Broad Campden. Broad Campden was our favourite village on this drive. It was a new find. We hadn't been there before.

In Chipping Campden we were able to find parking, so we were able to have cream tea at Badger Hall. It was very, very good. Neither Kieron nor I finished our scones. They were big and the cake slices were more slab-sized. They were also very good. Definitely recommended.

Rolling out of Chipping Campden, we headed toward Snowshill by way of the Broadway Tower. Up here there was even more snow. The larger roads had all been gritted but the smaller ones were full of snow and slush. In the UK cars are sold with summer tyres and at least in the south of England finding all-weather tyres would be hard. So even though Kieron drove very slowly, we did slide about a few times. Scary. But the quaint, snowclad Cotswold valleys and villages were beautiful. The storm had also downed quite a lot of trees. In many places they had been pushed aside but still obstructed part of the road. With the snow and flood in some parts of the county, the road crews were probably busy dealing with more urgent things.

Snowshill was indeed covered in snow. So were the lavender fields above the village. It was beautiful. Heavy rain is forecast for tonight is for heavy rain, so it will probably all be gone by tomorrow morning. It was a rare occurrence. I'm glad I got to see it. I'd left my camera at home, so there won't be any photos from me.

After Snowshill we took a long road through the countryside until we reached cute Winchcombe. There we turned back toward Cheltenham.