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Moving: Updaty Thing

I'm having cheese and crackers with Kieron snoozing gently on the couch next to me. He's too cute.

Earlier today I went to the High Street to pick up some last minute items. A shredder, for instance. The weather was foul with rain and very high winds. Both when I left the building, and when I came back, I was looking for my cute little Micra. I hope her new driver treats her well.

When I got home, I started shredding. It's time consuming. Paper can only be pushed through one or two at a time. The manual says that up to seven sheets of paper should be fine, but anything more than 3-4 leads to an instant paper jam. I'd rather not think about how delicate the cheaper shredders are. This one cost £17. In addition, it can only be run for 2-3 minutes at a time. Then it needs to rest for 20 minutes.

The time between my bouts of shredding I've used to start packing. As I knew, I will have to leave behind a lot of things. The beautiful Laura Ashley fabrics I've been hoarding for years, for instance. Some books that mean a lot to me, too. Like two hardcover books of nature poetry with illustrations by Gordon Beningfield and my yoga books.

I've also installed the US map on my TomTom. Unfortunately I couldn't activate it because I couldn't find the product code. I'll have to put more time into finding it. Having discovered just how useful it is to have this little gadget direct me when I'm driving on new roads, there's no way I want to go back to using paper maps. Particularly when they're as expensive or more than the digital one.

The flat looks terrible. There's stuff everywhere. Kieron is going to be home tomorrow, so we'll deal with it together then. Still, I expect that it's hard to pack without creating a mess.