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Cornwall: First Day in St Mawes

I took this photo first thing the morning after we arrived. It's through the window of the self-catering apartment we were renting in St. Mawes. It's right opposite the pub, the Rising Sun. We had dinner there the first night. After that we ate at the Victory Inn, because the food there was much, much better, and so was the ambience and service.
From the window of our flat
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This ginger cat liked to hang around outside our flat and complain about the weather. He was right but we still didn't take him in. He had two collars, so we figured he didn't need another home.
Complaining ginger cat
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St. Mawes has a castle but it was closed when we went to see it. This is a view back toward the village from near the castle. Apart from the central village much of it consists of large, twentieth century summer houses.
St. Mawes, near the castle
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On the other side of the river Fal, Pendennis guards the estuary. This is what it looks like from above St. Mawes castle.

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