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red signal

Moving: Mobile Phone

My current phone, a Sony Ericsson T610 will work for calls and texts in the US.

Costs from T-Mobile
Making calls (any country, anytime): 55p/min
Receiving calls (any country, anytime) : 55p/min
Retrieving voicemail: 55p/
Text to UK: 40p
Text to non-UK: 50p

There is a cost for every voicemail left. I wonder if I can turn it off, in addition to recording a discouraging greeting. Looks like I can bar calls from all numbers except a few specified ones. That may be a good idea.

I'll probably keep the phone turned off except when I'm writing a text to Kieron. I'll have to get a new phone ASAP once I'm on the right side of the pond.

Wonder how much money I can load onto the phone. I won't be able to top up once I'm out of the country. Somehow the very first address I registered got stuck in their system and they'll only take top-ups from cards with the same billing address as the contact address.