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First Lines of 2007

We went to a spa south of York for the tween days. Photos of York and Fountains Abbey from the week before.

We're moving around within the building today. GT, the company that loved internal office moves, was doing just that.

Today I'm finally feeling better. I had big sinus problems at the beginning of the year. Thankfully GT were very patient and let me work from home. By contract they could have just let me go.

Today has been a very frustrating day. A very frustrating day trying to connect to the Internet for work purposes.

I am a Snapdragon. Doing a meme while I wait on the phone.

This weekend Kieron came to visit me in the Big Smoke. LJ was playing up, so this was a repost from the day before. It includes a photo of an old-fashioned signpost.

I found this marsh mallow, Malva officinalis, growing near one of the artificial lakes in Woodchester Park.

I'm moving desks again. GT were at it again.

From Monday the station car parking charge is £2.70. A note to self to bring sufficient change.

So, yes, it went well. The first public post in October was on 18 of the month. I announced that I had got the visa stamped in my passport.

River Severn in waterflow. A photo round-up of photos from a walk starting in Newnham on the Severn that I had posted to communities. The bonus photo was of a young ginger-and-white cat on a fence.

# 09:49 Currently Browsing: img441.imageshack.us/img441/5794/unexplainablexf0.jpg # A LoudTwitter post of what I had been up to the day before.