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Wet and Windy

Today Kieron and I went for a walk starting near Chedworth, of Roman villa fame. It was very wet and windy but while we were in the forest it wasn't so bad. We were only walking for about 2 hours but Kieron got sopping wet. He doesn't have waterproof overtrousers. Yet.

I didn't take any photos because of the miserable weather. It was way too dark and wet.

After the walk, we posted yesterday's paperwork in a Victorian postbox in Chedworth and drove home. It was very cute with a little roof over it. On the way home, we stopped one more time to get milk and sugar at the usual BP station on the A40 in Cheltenham.

I made Kieron some tea while he peeled out of his cold, wet clothes. We've spent the rest of the day indoors. Tomorrow we're braving the crowds to go shopping.