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Foggy Eastleach Walk

We drove to Eastleach in Oxfordshire and walked along the river Leach. It was a very foggy day, as you can see in the photos below.

We started by crossing the river on a clapper bridge, called the Keble bridge. Clapper bridge construction is very simple: you simply place uprights in the river and plop down your flag stones on them. Technically this is one step up from mere stepping stones.
Keble bridge over the Leach
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Another view of the river itself. There is a house on the left in the photo, although it may be hard to see. Our walking guide said that the path was lined with daffodils in spring. We could see their noses peaking up. It's probably absolutely lovely here then. Today it was a tad nippy.
River Leach by Eastleach
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At the end of the path, there's a gate to St. Michael and St. Martin's church. There were some very old gravestones in the churchyard with carvings of fat little angels.
St. Michael and St. Martin's church in ruralphotos

Leaving the village, we walked along a track on the east side of the river. That's where we found this beautiful ash tree.
Ash tree
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To return, we had to cross the river. I loved how subtle the photo of the old bridge came out, so I turned it black and white.
Bridge over the Leach
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Colour version of the bridge in waterflow

As we got back to the village, the sun was starting to think about setting. It coloured the fog orange.
Copse of trees near Eastleach Turville
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Black-and-white trees in landscape.


These are such beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing them.
Glad you liked them, Rusty.