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snail, november

How I Love my SatNav

This morning my GPS wouldn't start. So I got to experience what it's like to navigate to places I've never been before using only maps and roadside signage. Of course I got lost, had to turn around and got to the starting point of my walk much later than if I had been able to rely on my ever-patient, near-psychic car buddy.

Tomorrow I'm going to Swindon. I'm meeting puneets near the railway station. I was so not looking forward to trying to find it without the TomTom. I can imagine myself going round and round in the magic roundabout, starving to death or at least with a very urgent need to go to the bathroom. And that's a conservative scenario. I've had a lot of near misses in traffic when I've tried reading a map at the same time as driving. It's not to be recommended.

Anyway, after some googling and a long search for a paper-clip to unbend, I was able to reset the satnav and now it's mostly working again. Phew!
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