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Weekend To Dos

Wet paint signs on living room window
Clip off stray carpet fibres around edges of rooms and at thresholds

Get rid of table
Run rinse programme on washing machine
Use One Shot on bathroom sink
Clean toilet
Write instructions and check for carpet cleaners
Clean kitchen counters
Top up phone
Pack stuff on bedroom shelves into bags

Wash off shower partition
Remove masking tape from living room window
Throw away duvets
Pack everything into the car
One last trip through the flat with a sponge and tea towel
Throw away cleaning stuff
One last trip through the flat to make sure I got everything
Go to Cheltenham -- yay!


I just know that the place is perfect; you have been obsessively thorough!
I feel like I'm leaving with you. Hard to believe we'll never see the pink and blue borders and the bench again. It's a little sad; even though you are fulfilling your dream, we're leaving a place we have known for years. *sniffs*

....But now, we'll soon see the places you love best. Onward into the future!
I took one last photo of the Pink border. I'll put it up any day now. The garden is something I'll miss.