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red signal

Moving: Not Quite There Yet

I slept relatively well tonight. The answer to the question was definitely to put the thermarest on top of the yoga mat, though. The thermarest is very good at insulating from the ground. I'm on the groundfloor with a concrete floor and no cellar beneath, so the floor is always cold here. But I had to turn down the under-sheet electric blanket to 1-2, that's how warm I was. Normally in bed I have it set to 4.

It's nearly three o'clock and I haven't even started vacuuming. Not done anything in the bathroom either. That's because I've been packing in the livingroom. It looks a lot better now. There's space on the floor and it will be so much easier to pack the car, not to mention actually vacuum.

But it makes me doubt if I'll be able to leave on Friday and really only have the carpet shampoo left. Maybe I should stay till Saturday. That would also allow me to drive during daylight hours.

I'm going to need to make a charity shop run too. That should be the last. Oh, and I need to take the recliner and the coffee table to the dump. That will take time. It's much better to do that tomorrow than on Saturday.

The next few days has lots of rain in the forecast so I'm afraid that I won't have any chance to clear up in the garden. That's too bad. I was looking forward to it.