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Moving: Plans for the Week

Yesterday was all about the kitchen and living room. Today I'm going to tackle the bathroom. The plan looks like this:

Today: Bathroom
Tomorrow: Vacuum whole flat
Friday: Garden and finishing touches. Drive to Cheltenham in the evening.
Some day next week: Shampoo carpets

Today I also need to take out my mattress. I hope it's stopped raining, or it's going to be unpleasant as well as hard work.

Oh, and I need to repaint the window sill because over the weekend a mysterious finger print showed up. I'm 80% sure that I didn't do that. Grmbl. Yesterday I sanded it. I'll paint it on Friday so I don't need to breathe the fumes. After the previous coat, my sinuses hurt even though I tried not spending time in the living room for a few days afterwards.

It remains to be seen if I can do anything in the garden on Friday. There's rain in the forecast.

On Friday I'm not going to try and get out early. I've tried that twice now and both times it has meant that the drive takes closer to 4 hours than the normal 2. If I leave by seven, that's early enough. Might even leave it later still.