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Moving: Today Wasn't a Complete Waste

I knew when I agreed to stay Sunday night that today was going to be largely wasted. But I did get some stuff done so it wasn't a complete waste.

The oven is now about as clean as it will get. I only wish I'd come up with the idea to use the steelbrush on the steam cleaner first. That was what actually worked. I've also cleaned the remaining kitchen cabinets. What remains in the kitchen is:
  • fridge

  • freezer

  • floor
Now I'm trying not to get drunk on Baileys. That's hard because it's so tasty. My preferred method is to mix it half-and-half with vanilla soya milk. Yum!


It is very hard to not get drunk on Baileys! That stuff goes down so easy. LOL!
You should try Hot chocolate with bailys...YUM!