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LJ News: Flagging and Labelling Content

Six Apart have announced that you can label your own journal or individual entries in it as "adult concept" or "explicit adult content". This is good. It allows users and community maintainers greater freedom of expression. It won't keep anybody out who actually wants to see this content but it covers the backsides of SA, journal owners and community maintainers if there's a stink.

Another new feature is that users can flag content in one of five options:
  • Explicit Adult Content

  • Offensive Content

  • Hate Speech

  • Illegal Activity

  • Nude Images of Minors

The first two will be dealt with by the volunteer abuse team if "several" people flag them up. The other three will be dealt with as before, i.e. completely arbitrarily. No mention of self-harm or suicide is made in the LJ Biz post.

There is a new FAQ entry about flagging and labelling.

In the comments springheel_jack is the first to point out the most glaring omission -- no mention of any appeals process.

What is good though is that SA are now using icons that clearly identify who is speaking for LJ, e.g. marta. She is pointed out as the go-to person in the entry, so I searched for her name to find clarifications. In comments from her, it seems that there is a process in place, or perhaps being made up as questions are asked. If that's the case, it would explain why these details weren't revealed in the main post.

I'm sure more holes will be poked in this over the next few days. Watch lj_biz if you're interested. Might be a full-time job, though.


I understand that they need to cover their behinds... BUT... it's going to be about as useful/enforcable as those porn sites that make a big deal of warning people that they have to be "legal in their juristiction" to enter the site...

Actually knowing how my kids are I think this system will "enhance" the curiosity of "the children" - they'll all be itching to know what the grown ups are talking about behind closed doors...

I wonder how many people suddenly have turned 18 today? Because as we all know people are always 100% honest on the internet... ;P
Yeah, it's definitely more useful for the owner of LJ than for LJ's users. That's not what they're saying so we react to the mixed messages.
I'm glad people are pointing out that there's no appeals process! I can't remember if there's something similar for Flickr, who I think also have a flagging system for user content...?
I'm not involved enough in Flickr to know anything about their processes. But I also haven't heard anything about any problems with it, unlike LJ.