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Moving: Cleaning the Flat II

It's Wednesday and I'm done with one room. That doesn't bode very well for finishing on Friday, as I was hoping. It looks as if next Friday may be more realistic. I'm going to call the council and ask if I can reschedule the pick-up of my mattress for next Thursday. If I'm going to be here a while still, I will need something comfortable to sleep on.

The plan right now looks like this:
  • Today: Hallway, including two closets

  • Thursday: Kitchen, including floor and windows

  • Friday: Pack and go to Cheltenham

  • Monday: Bathroom,

  • Tuesday: Vacuum whole flat

  • Wednesday: Shampoo carpets and final move to Cheltenham
I would much prefer if I could shave a few days off this but I don't want to do a shoddy job or leave stuff out that needs doing. In fact, I'd prefer it if I could also spend half a day in the garden too, tidying up the worst. It doesn't look nice at all with all the wilted, frost-damaged plants.

There are a couple of options for giving me more time. For instance I could go to Cheltenham on Saturday instead of Friday. That would give me a whole extra day. Or I could not go to Cheltenham at all. That would give me three more days. But I know from experience that I'd miss Kieron like crazy. If Kieron comes here, on the other hand, we could do some stuff together. That could actually be fun. Plus he could take some stuff with him back to Cheltenham. Or maybe I need the break over the weekend. Going to Cheltenham takes time but I love being there with Kieron.

I guess I'll talk to Kieron about it today or tomorrow. He's at a conference in Birmingham until midday today.


Paying someone to do the cleaning is not an option? We did that the last time we moved, and it was so worth the money (and at about £180 for a 50m^2 flat it wasn't all that expensive either).
I looked into it but it didn't seem worth the money because they don't do anything about any minor blemishes they find.

For instance I just discovered that when the St Luke's people carried out my furniture, they damaged the paint in the hallway. I wouldn't have noticed that if I hadn't cleaned the woodwork myself. I have some leftover paint so I'll try and see if I can mend it. That way I won't have to pay for the landlord to paint the hallway again.

Right now I'm leaning toward simply taking the time it takes and go to Cheltenham on Friday. It's not like I've got anything else I need to do. I'm just moaning because I'd rather be with Kieron.