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Moving: Cleaning the Flat I

I've painted the bay window ledge today. The previous painter did a shoddy job -- no prep at all, by the looks of it. They just painted straight on the existing gloss. So of course when I took sandpaper to it, the way you're supposed to, it came off in bits. Hopefully it won't look too uneven. There's no way I was going to sand it down all the way. Not when I just wanted to cover up a stain.

The paint is supposed to cover in a single application. My experience tells me that there's no such thing as single layer cover but this stuff is so thick, it might just work. We'll see tomorrow.

The paint doesn't smell too bad but I'm going to work in the bedroom now anyway and I've closed the door to the living room. I've taken out the garbage with the used brush too. I got a three-brush set so I have another if I need to apply a second coat.

I'm sitting in bed, having the last left-over croissant from the weekend and some squash. The steam cleaner sits by the door, making hissing and clicking noises while it's heating up. I'm going to tackle the windows from the inside in a while.

I'm not sure what to do about the blinds. They're some sort of starched lace. Kind of the roller blind version of net curtains. They're also filthy. But how do you clean blinds? It's not like I can take it down and chuck it in the washing machine. I don't dare take the steam cleaner to it either. What if it shrinks? I guess I'll vacuum it and be done with it. That's really all I can do.

My plan was to be done by Friday but I'm really doubting that now. In theory I've got till Friday 21 December. But of course I'd much rather stay with Kieron than keep cleaning here.