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TV License: Now that's what I Call Bad Phone Service

I just called the TV License people on 0870 241 6468. They have 6 choices in their first level menu. None of them is for cancelling your license. So I took the last one, which is "all other inquiries". On that choice, there are two more choices. One of them is the same as on the previous level. The other is too, because it's "all other inquiries."

Still, that's not the worst. If all their representatives are busy, they direct you to the website or ask you to call again at a less busy time, *click* and they hang up on you. Beautiful, isn't it?

The reason I called in the first place is that their website says to call them for a cancellation form.


There's a number of websites for what numbers to dial to by-pass automated systems... most are american but I think I remember seeing a UK one. [I'm sure you could find it using google].
Yeah, I've used that list before. But I got through the second time, so didn't need to up the ante.
Providers make it impossible to cancel; it's all part of their evil Business Plan. I had the worst time canceling our cable service.
I know. I've already failed once at cancelling my phone and broadband.
I think they are trying to tell you that you can checkout anytime you'd like, but you can never leave. ;)