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Malvern Hills: Two Beacons

We went to the Malvern Hills today. They're only 45 minutes from Cheltenham. They offer splendid hill walking with stunning views eastwards toward the Cotswolds and westwards toward Herefordshire and Wales.

Herefordshire Beacon seen from the north. The beacon is an obelisk near Eastnor Castle.
Herefordshire Beacon in the distance
Wallpaper, feel free to use

Worcestershire Beacon, looking westward. The beacon is at 425 m, the highest point of the Malverns.
Worcestershire beacon, looking toward Herefordshire and Wales
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Gorgeous pictures! That's a beautiful part of the country. Is "hill walking" similar to "hiking the downs"? If I recall correctly, the "North Downs" are in Southern England, and the "South Downs" are West of the "North Downs". Perhaps up toward the Malvern area there are no downs at all, only hills?

Hope the rest of your move goes well.
Thank you.

Dictionary.com tells me that "downs" is chiefly used in south England and that it refers to "open, rolling, upland country with fairly smooth slopes usually covered with grass." The Malverns are probabbly too steep to be called downs even by people from the south of England.