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Toward Cheltenham

I've just come back from Oxfam. I put all my donations in front of the backdoor and knocked to let them know that there was stuff there for them. A young, Indian-looking man opened. He looked at the bags and asked if I'd left lots of books a couple of weeks ago. I had. Kieron helped me bring them over in his big Volvo. The Oxfam guy said that they were really happy about the books, they'd made quite a lot of money off them. That made my day.

On the way home I topped up the tyres. They're now inflated to 36 and 35 psi. It makes for quite a stiff ride. Normally they're supposed to be 32/27 psi, when I'm alone in the car.


There! The cupboard is in smaller molecules. I've taped various bits together to make them easier to carry, too. Now I just need to load the car. I was hoping I'd be gone by 2 but I guess before 2.30 is also good. It's much nicer to drive during daylight hours, plus traffic out of London gets pretty hectic on Friday evenings.

Anyway, see you flipside.