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Moving: Letting Agent

The letting agent called me on Friday and Saturday. I wasn't able to take the call either times so she left a voicemail. Today I called back but she wasn't in the office. But I talked to somebody who was less cloyingly cutesy and was able to book a slot for the check-out procedure for 21 December at 14.00.

If I'm done earlier, I'll call and try to arrange something quicker but I don't want to rush. My goal is to have moved to Cheltenham on 1 December but I'm sure I'll have to go back for a day or so to do the checkout. I may even book an appointment with my hair dresser too.

They were very sorry that I hadn't got a check-out letter and were going to post one today. That's good. I need to know what I'm supposed to do with BT, gas etc.