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Things Found in a Drawer

eTrex GPS
dental mould for bleaching teeth
European health insurance card
address labels
Swedish money
American money
Stockholm subway pass
pretty, blank notebook
UK to Europe converters
copies of train tickets to Norwich
Swedish passport, expired
post-it notes, yellow
empty jewellery box for a ring from a jeweller in Keswick, Cumbria
sticky tape
broken Visor Deluxe PDA, orange plastic
filter for Dust Buster
foundation from BodyShop
Canderel sweetener
address in Denmark street, SE5, written on back of Chinese restaurant check
Niedersachsen sticker
Hypromellose eye drops, expired in 1004
medium kneaded putty rubber from Winsor & Newton
plant labels, white plastic
tooth picks
Hoya polarising filter
lip balm
silver ring with moonstone
business card for somebody I haven't heard from for about a year
metric measurement tape, light blue
camera cable
post-operative instruction sheet from a laser eye surgery company
and much more