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juicy, Lucius


I was watching Autumn Watch on BBC 2 and just had one of those "d'uh!" moments, when you realise something and then ask yourself how on earth you could have not noticed it before.

"Knockturn Alley" is pronounced just like "nocturnally". But, of course!


I realised that fairly recently as well; I think it was when I was reading HP7. And with the same feeling of "how could I..." too.
I got that one in the second book, but to my defense I'll note that I read the first one in Swedish. I did wonder about the name in the first, though, but didn't see through it.
Were place names and stuff like that translated in the Swedish versions? Like in Åke Olmarks translation of the Tolkien books?
"Diagon Alley" is "Diagongränd", but "Hogwarts" is still "Hogwarts". Also, annoyingly, "Mr" and "mrs" are still "mr" and "mrs".
that just clicked a while ago for me too....
LOL, I needed my mother to point that one out to me! And also, of course, Diagon Alley is "diagonally."
Diagonally was easier for me, probably because it's a much more common word.
*shakes head*
I'm so ashamed!!! I never noticed that! Diagon Alley I got, but Knockturn, nope.
Finally somebody who isn't way smarter than me. ;-)