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BT: What? Us Talk to Customers? Why?

So yesterday I couldn't call outside the 020 area. I thought that was because there was something wrong with my phone. The cable does look rather tattered. But today I used the phone that belongs to the flat, and still couldn't make any calls to mobiles, nor dial into the important conference call in Bahrain.

The BT website has a facility that allows you to report a fault on the line, so I did that. But I had my suspicions that it wasn't a real fault. You see, I made another call to Bahrain a few weeks ago. It was a long conference call that ended up costing me nearly £90. Normally my whole bill is under $40.

And just now the BT Fault Team called me up and confirmed my suspicions -- BT have placed a bar on the line. Did they tell me about this? Of course not. What would be the point of that?

They have my email address but that's not the point, is it? They can just embarrass me in front of clients and coworkers and sit back and let me call them. Then when I do, I'm told I'll have to wait for a representative because they're very busy now.

Update at 15:30: I've talked to BT now. After I paid them the currently oustanding amount (about £100), they said they were going to lift the bar. But they can only tell me that it will be lifted within the next 24 hours. So tomorrow morning when I'm due for the delayed conference call to Bahrain, I may or may not be able to dial in. When the lady on the phone launched into her explanation of this for the 3rd time, I just hung up in disgust.

No point in listening to the same spiel one more time, I'll still look like an idiot if they haven't removed the bar by tomorrow morning. Not to mention not being able to clear up the confusion about my latest timesheet, or help the copywriter understand what he's supposed to write about.


How irritating of them! And stupid as well! I mean, I'd think they would inform you before putting a bar on your line. That's just bad customer service!

I hope they get it sorted out right away.
I can sort of see why they put the bar on the line but to leave me to figure it out by myself, that beggars belief.