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colchicum, october

Westerly Weekend

On Saturday Kieron and I went to Glastonbury. Mostly we indulged in retail therapy. I came home with 5 CDs. On the way home, we stopped to take a photo of the famous Tor. We were too tired to walk up on it, though. Maybe next time.
Glastonbury Tor in the gathering dusk
Wallpaper, feel free to use

Yesterday afternoon we paid a brief visit to Leckhampton Hill. The sun was about to set and the landscape looked magical from up on top of the Cotswold escarpment. That's the Black Mountains on the horizon.
Looking due west from Leckhampton Hill
Wallpaper, feel free to use

Kieron enjoying the beautiful view over Cheltenham and the exhilarating wind. Leckhampton Hill is to the south-east of Cheltenham. I suggested that we go there to watch the sun come up on Yule but I'm not sure Kieron was keen on the idea. At first he agreed, then he realised he'd have to get up early and it would probably be very cold up there.

Wallpaper, feel free to use


I'm willing to wager dpaxson would love copies of any Glastonbury pics you might have--for her personal enjoyment (which I know you're free enough with) but arguably also for the Avalon website.

Permission to do so, granted that credit is given?

(I know you have a blanket statement in your profile, I just prefer such be explicit when possible)

-- Lorrie
Oh yes, that's fine. Credit as Apel Mjausson, or just Mjausson. Cheers.

-- Lorrie
Ah, Glastonbury... It's sort of like Santa Cruz, CA without the beach. I love the Tor and the Chalice Well.

The braided clouds in that second photo are wonderful.

I miss England sometimes. The light there is unique to the place. But then I'd get to missing barbeque, fresh tomatoes, and football.

I was looking at satellite photos of my former UK bases, and it is clear that they have been abandoned, judging by the weeds in the parking lots. Sad, really.
I didn't know about the Chalice Well. Looks like a really cool place. I think Kieron would like it too.

We have tomatoes. I've seen them in Waitrose. It's those little, round, red things that taste like soggy cardboard, right?

Maybe Waitrose's 'maters taste like cardboard, but mine have that wonderful summery 'pop' that tells you they're home grown. Especially the Romas. I had three plants this summer.

I just hope I can get the four remaining tomatoes before the frost does.

Yes, you'll really like the Chalice Well.