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Avebury Neolithic Sheep Spa

A few weeks ago, Kieron and I went to Avebury stone circle, managed by the National Trust. He'd never seen a stone circle before, so I guess it was about time and Avebury is hard to beat. Besides, it's only about an hours drive from Cheltenham.

Here he is, being all grumpy because I wanted to wait until the bus had driven off to take the photo. It was drizzling a bit and he wanted a smoke, so I guess I can see his point. I think it would have looked better with a proper view of the timber-framed pub rather than the garish bus in the background. But I fear the bus driver went inside for a pint because the bus didn't drive off for a good while.
Kieron in Avebury
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Normally you can tell how long ago it was that a sheep was shorn by the colour of its wool. They get rather grubby after a couple of months. But evidently somebody had washed some of the sheep here. Kieron and I were joking about the National Trust sheep spa.
Clean sheep grazing
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Even without the stones, this is a very special landscape. I love the openness of it. But it's hard to photograph in a way that shows the impact it has when you're standing in it. I tried here but I fear you would still have to been there to be able to appreciate it.
Wiltshire Downs landscape
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