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Car: More Than It's Worth, Or Not

My car was first registered in 1996. I did my research before I bought it, so it's a quality car. Still, with an eleven-year-old car, there are obviously problems, simply because of its age. Last time I serviced it, the garage said that the front brakes would need replacing very soon. I didn't do it then because I was hoping I'd be gone before they really had to be fixed.

But with my move postponed to January, I'll have to deal with all the serious problems now, so the car is roadworthy until I leave. Driving 180 miles at highway or motorway speed more or less each weekend, I need a roadworthy car. Incidentally, if the move had been scuppered completely, I'd probably have spent tomorrow test driving a new car. But with the move very much on, I turned the old girl over to the capable hands of my garage.

They just called back. The fan belt is going. That would explain the twittering sound I've heard in the mornings when I start up the car. It costs £56. The rear wheel cylinder has a fissure in it. If it breaks completely, the contamination of the brakes would mean I'd have to completely replace them, as well as the wheel cylinder. It's better to pay the £44 to have just the cylinder replaced. One number plate bulb was out and the orange had peeled off the indicator bulbs, so they all needed replacing. But the worst are the front brakes, as expected. All in all it comes to £465.

That's roughly the going price on eBay for a car of this make, model and year. :-( Still, it's cheaper than buying another car with who-knows-what problems. It's also a lot better than the lack of serenity caused by knowing that the car could break down any moment, not to mention if I had an accident caused by poor maintenance. So I'll spend the money.

Maybe I'll have it washed afterwards too, to complete its "spa day".


And I have to say at the end it's 'just' money. If you need you car to get by, you pay for it. What would you use your money on other than making this life a little happier - I don't know of your beliefs but neither way, I don't think any religion lets you take your belongings with you, be there a new life or not.

Good luck with the move by the way, I'm quietly reading all of your troubles and your excitement here.